What forms of payment do you accept?

Our store is built on the Shopify platform. Shopify is secure shopping platform used and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, Meta, Gpay, PayPal, and CryptoCurrency via Coinbase Commerce.

What type of material do your prints come in?

My limited edition artworks are available in Metal or Acrylic Prints. My open edition artworks as well as the Tomagination line are available in Canvas, Fine Art Paper, and sometimes in Metal and Acrylic. From time to time, I will have one-of-a-kind pieces from my Amazing Still Life collection, that will be available in whatever medium it was created in.

Can you tell me more about the mediums? Depending on the artwork, we generally offer 4 types of Materials 

  • Metal Print – Museum Quality Aluminum prints that use the process of dye sublimation, infusing dye onto the surface of the aluminum. Prints are made on the high quality ChromaLux aluminum. This is the most durable of all our mediums. It is waterproof and can be used outdoors providing it is not being beaten up constantly by the sun. It comes ready to hang with a float mount hanger or a museum aluminum hanger (hanger depend on size of artwork). This medium does NOT need to be framed, it comes ready to hang, but if you choose to, you can frame it on your own. We do not offer framing at the moment. If you have questions about this please reach out using the contact form.
  • Acrylic Print – Museum Quality Acrylic prints. Depending on the artwork, our acrylic prints come printed on fine art paper encapsulated in a Quality low glare or Anti-Reflective Acrylic 1/8 acrylic with either a Dibond backing (most common) or a Black Sintra backing. It comes ready to hand with either a museum sinter wall mount or a Dibond backing with cleat hanger. This medium does NOT need to be framed, it comes ready to hang, but if you choose to, you can frame it on your own. We do not offer framing at the moment. If you have questions about this please reach out using the contact form.
  • Fine Art Print – This medium comes printed on fine art paper printed with archival ink. It will not come framed. You will need to frame it yourself.
  • Canvas Print – All of our canvas prints come in a museum-quality canvas with a 2 inch border around it. It will arrived rolled and not framed. You will need to frame it yourself.

What about Non Digital Art?

Although my primary medium for creating art is photography, from time to time I will have non digital one of a kind artworks available for purchase. These works will be available in whatever medium and size it was created in.

What is a Digital Certificate of Authenticity?

All limited edition prints of my art will come with a certificate of authenticity on the blockchain. If in the event that that physical piece changes hands, the certificate on the blockchain must follow. If in the event that the certificate is sold on the blockchain, the physical piece must follow. We are not responsible for making sure this happens so please do your due diligence to make sure you are getting both. All stated secondary royalties must be paid to artist per the initial sale of the piece. 

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a system in which the records are transactions recorded across several computers. We use energy-efficient Ethereum to record the transaction of ownership on the blockchain.

Is my Certificate of Authenticity an NFT?

Your Certificate is a certificate. It is simply created using the technology behind the non fungible token. If you wish to sell your artwork, you would need to do so as well as transfer the token. The token does not act as a piece of art and the physical artwork would need to follow it.

Do I have to have cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet?

No, if you do not have a crypto wallet, we will keep your certificate safe for you in our custodial wallet. We will email you the link to the Certificate, for your records. When you are ready, we can transfer the certificate to you. All limited edition prints will come with NFC technology that you can tap to bring up the certificate proving ownership. Please do not remove or break the attached seal. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

What are one-of-a-kind artworks?

One of a kind artworks are artworks that only one exists in that form. It could be a digital print in which only one copy will ever be made in its lifetime.

What are Limited Edition Artworks?

Limited edition artworks are limited pieces of that artwork in the various mediums or size. For example, some of my pieces are available in limited editions of 44 pieces of each size. There will only however many limited edition pieces are stated, made in the lifetime of that artwork. Each print is signed and numbered and comes with a digital Certificate of Authenticity.

Do you offer Open Edition Artworks?

Yes I do. I created an open edition of some of my artworks of art to give all fans of my work an affordable barrier to entry. If the artwork is open edition, it will state it on the artwork further description. Open editions do not come signed.

How long do orders take to process?

All prints are made to order and depending on the material and size, it usually takes 1 week to process and 1 – 2 weeks to be delivered. International deliveries may take longer. Also note, Acrylic Artworks may take up to 10 days to process because of the creation process it has to go through.

Do your artworks come framed?

No our artworks do not come framed. Acrylic and Metal pieces do not necessarily need a frame. They will come with a hanger on the back. Fine Art and Canvas prints will come either rolled or flat depending on the size. It is up to your to frame it. If you absolutely must get it framed by us, please contact us for a custom framing quote that is separate from the cost of the artwork. Custom framing is also depending on availability and can alter shipping costs.

Are the colors exactly like the ones on my computer screen?

Colors will vary from screen to screen so the colors of the print may vary a bit from what you see on your screen.

Do you accept returns or refunds?

Our artworks are created on demand so we are unable to accept returns or give refunds. Please be sure it is what you want or contact us first before making a purchase. We are available to answer any question you have. Regarding our merchandise, all merchandise are final sale as well. If there is any error on our part, you can reach out to us within 24 hrs of receiving the item so we can see if an exchange is possible.

How long does shipping take?

Because items are produced on demand processing time can take up to one week. Shipping may take another 3 days and upwards depending on your location. Some large items may need to be freight shipped and those take up to 7-10 days in transit.

The price of the art I wanted has gone up since the last time I checked, what happened?

Prices are based on current value and may be subject to change without notice. If you see something you like, it is advisable to purchase when you can because the current market rate is only guaranteed once a purchase has been made.

What is Tomagination?

Tomagination started as a social experiment exploring the boundaries between art and technology. They are influenced with the help of artificial intelligence and revamped by me. They are the birth child of my imagination while using technology. Tomagination pieces are open edition and are currently only available as canvas prints.

I have another question that isn’t listed here, how can I reach you? 

You can contact me here